Tasks for participants:

1.Description of the platform/product:

  • name and version of the software: ePAD, version TBD
  • free? yes https://epad.stanford.edu/epad-agreement
  • commercial? no
  • open source? yes except plugins and UI project github.com/RubinLab/
  • what DICOM library do you use? PixelMed, DCM4CHE

  • Description of the relevant features of the platform:

    • at the moment (Nov 2016), there is no user interface or custom modules to specify quantity or units
    • at the moment (Nov 2016), ePAD does not have any modules that generate DICOM parametric map modality objects, only importing is supported
  1. Read task (for each dataset!)

Test dataset #1

Test dataset #2

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