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1.Description of the platform/product:

  • name and version of the software: Brainlab SmartBrush 2.5 and Brainlab SmartViewer 3.1; SmartViewer can only display DICOM SEG; SmartBrush can create SEG and display them, however SmartViewer displays them much better
  • free? no
  • commercial? yes
  • open source? no
  • what DICOM library do you use? Merge DICOM Toolkit, however the toolkit does not provide API for handling DICOM SEG objects, so all of the features related to handling DICOM SEG had to be implemented

2.Description of the relevant features of the platform:

  • are both single and multiple segments supported? Current version of Brainlab SmartBrush can write only single-segment objects, but reads both single- and multi-segment
  • how are the overlapping segments handled? The user can see the outline of the contour (the area inside the the contour is slightly color-washed)

  • do you support both BINARY and FRACTIONAL segmentation types? Brainlab always exports segmentations as FRACTIONAL type and RLE-compressed

  • do you render the segment using the color specified in the DICOM object? yes
  • how do you communicate segment semantics to the user? The type of the segment property which is stored inside Segmented Property Type Code Sequence is displayed to the user.
  • how do you support the user in defining the semantics of the object at the time segmentation is created? The type of the segment (i.e.Tumor, Implant, Bone and Undefined) can be selected by the user when creating a Segmentation object.

Demonstration video on YouTube (recorded at RSNA 2015 DICOM4QI):

3.Read task: load each of the DICOM SEG datasets that accompany the imaging series into your platform

Test dataset #1

Test dataset Result of rendering
3D Slicer

Test dataset #2

Test dataset Result of rendering

Test dataset #3

Test dataset Result of rendering
3D Slicer

Test dataset #4

Test dataset Result of rendering
3D Slicer

4.Write task

dciodvfy checks produce no errors:

(0x0069,0x1001)  ?  - Warning - Unrecognized tag - assuming explicit value representation OK
Warning - Missing attribute or value that would be needed to build DICOMDIR - Study ID
Warning - Unrecognized defined term <99BL-GEN> for value 1 of attribute <Coding Scheme Designator>
Output dataset Result of rendering in Brainlab
#3 write result
#4 write result